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Store Policies

Return Policy

Please keep your receipt. The original receipt must accompany all returns. No returns on sale or clearance merchandise. Returned merchandise must be in excellent condition. Plant material must be returned in 48 hours of the original purchase. Returns of plant material can only be approved by  a manager. Non-living merchandise must be returned within 21 days.

Limited Warranty

We warrant, to the extent of the purchase price, that nursery stock is true to name. Our total liability on any error, should stock prove untrue to name, shall be limited to our replacement free of charge or refunding of purchase price.


Nursery stock requires proper care. This responsibility is assumed by the purchaser. Nursery stock requires proper installation, watering, cultivating, fertilization, and insect and disease control. The guarantee will be void if these plant requirements are not met.


Knupper’s limited warranty for plants is as follows: when you, our customer, plant and properly care for Knupper’s trees, shrubs and evergreens, you receive a 100% price guarantee until November 1st of the year of purchase. If you additionally purchase the “Knupper Success Kit” at the same time as the plants, this 100% price guarantee is extended to 1 year from the date of purchase. The “Knupper Success Kit” is included in the planting price when you have Knupper’s install your plants. Thus, when Knupper’s installs your plants you receive a 100% 1-year price guarantee, on both the plant and the labor, from the date of the purchase. This price guarantee covers only the cost of the plants and installation, where applicable, but not any  delivery charges. If the original plants were delivered, the replacement plants will be delivered at no additional charge. All roses (including shrub roses), perennials, vines and groundcovers are guaranteed until November 1st and not over winter. Hanging baskets, tropicals and annual plants are not guaranteed.


Should a guaranteed plant fail to grow, Knupper Nursery will issue a credit, which may be applied to the purchase of any nursery stock. Only one replacement of each guaranteed plant will be made. Credit is good only on nursery stock. A valid register invoice is required for a replacement. There will be NO CASH REFUND.


Lawns, seed or sod, are guaranteed to the extent that the material is as specified. Success rate depends on the care given during the germination and establishment period. If seed or sod dries out, it has started to die. Sod is guaranteed to become successfully established if watered properly and will be replaced only once if it fails to grow. All workmanship is guaranteed to meet industry standards.


If Knupper Nursery is doing the planting, we will call JULIE to locate your underground utilities. The homeowner is responsible for marking septic lines, secondary gas lines, irrigation systems, pet invisible fences, property lines, etc. Knupper Nursery is not responsible for damage to underground items or for property line locations unless they are marked before work begins.


All guarantees shall be VOID if (a) payment is not made in 10 days of purchase or as agreed to in writing at time of purchase; (b) plants are damaged by man, animal, or acts of God; (c) plants are installed in above ground planters or containers.


Any purchase over $100 that needs to be replaced will be checked by a representative of our firm at our earliest convenience. There will be NO CASH REFUND.


If plants must be returned, it must be within 48 hours of pickup. The plants must be in good shape and in the original container. There will be a 20% restocking fee. All our nursery stock is inspected and certified by the State of Illinois, Permit #631.