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Knupper Bucks

The next chance to redeem your Knupper Bucks will be July 2018.


Every time you shop at Knupper’s and give us your name at checkout, you earn Knupper Bucks! For every ten dollars you spend, you get one Knupper Buck. Buying a $10 perennial? You’ll earn one Knupper Buck. A $50 shrub? Five Knupper Bucks. An arborvitae hedge? That’s a lot of Knupper Bucks!

They really do add up.


Twice a year, for one specific week in July and September, you can redeem your Knupper Bucks for up to half the price of any plant material. Trees, shrubs, evergreens, vines, roses, groundcovers, water plants, perennials, and annuals — they’re all fair game.

For example, if you want a tree that costs $100, you can use Knupper Bucks to pay for up to $50 of the total. For the other $50 and the tax, we accept cash, check or credit cards like usual. 


As long as you give us your name at checkout, we’ll keep track of your Knupper Bucks for you. They’re listed at the bottom of your receipt, so it’s easy to check your total. AND they never expire, so even if you miss the redemption week in July, you’ll have them to spend in September. Even our ‘paper’ Knupper Bucks from years ago are still good.